How To Hypnotize Anyone Secretly

How To Hypnotize Anyone Secretly- Learning how to hypnotize anyone secretly is possibly the most manipulative unethical form of hypnosis ever. Why, you might ask? Because this form of hypnosis relies on using everyday language to change or manipulate people’s minds. It’s not about having them stare at a pocket watch or into your eyes as you talk to them. How To Hypnotize Anyone Secretly It relies on the fact that (almost) everyone communicates through words. So why not learn how to use those words in such a way that you can trigger a certain response in those who are listening to you? And while putting someone into a trance by shaking their hand is impressive and can take a long time to master, talking to someone is something that you do everyday. How To Hypnotize Anyone Secretly And when you start to learn the techniques of conversational hypnosis, directing people to a certain response becomes easier and easier. Especially when you combine these skills with telling a story- the ability to influence someone becomes even greater. So if you are interested in topics like hypnosis, hypnotism, learning how to hypnotize or conversational hypnosis, and want to learn more about how to hypnotize anyone secretly using everyday language, then check out the link at the beginning of the description. Filed under How To Hypnotize Anyone

In this video I was attempting to explain how to influence someone bu using every day language. So this isn’t about trying to hypnotize someone by pulling out a pocket watch and having your ‘subject’ stare at it until they begin to feel sleepy.

Nor is it about having someone sit in a chair, relax by counting backwards from 10 and trying to give them hypnotic suggestions in order to influence them.

This video is about learning how to create embedded commands and then using them in every day conversations to indirectly influence someone. It takes a little bit of practice to have the commands come off as sounding natural but once you have it you should experiment and see what type of effect these commands have in your daily interactions with people. There will be a follow up video on hypnotic story telling that I’ll post as soon as I have it ready.

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